Model: NBC-250

Grubość wypełnienia: 0.5-4 mm

Waga: 5 kg

Rozmiar: 34*15*23 cm

Napięcie zasilania/częstotliwość: AC-220V

Nominalna moc wejściowa: 7 kva

Znamionowy prąd wejściowy: 32A

Nominalna długość obciążenia: 40%

Zakres regulacji prądu wyjściowego: 40~180А

Zakres regulacji napięcia wyjściowego: 16~23 w

Napięcie wyjściowe na biegu jałowym: 47

Wydajność: ≥60%

Współczynnik mocy: ≥0,95

Pakiet zawiera:

1 szt. host

1 0.8 drut spawalniczy 1 kg

1 2M zintegrowany palnik spawalniczy

Maska przewody uziemienia 1PC

  • Author: Kristina Ruslan
  • Date: 2021-02-03
  • The glass was broken, good, thank you recommend
  • 4/5

  • Author: Mjuvankoski
  • Date: 2021-02-11
  • It was not a week ago, the order was delivered by courier to the door. The complete set is complete, which is stated. Instruction in Chinese. The package is not damaged, but it is visible that they treated it on the way of delivery carelessly. The case of an unfixed consumables coil with a wire of one (base) side gave a small deformation from the impact. There are two spare collets, a welding shield, together with the whole seller put as a bonus a jar with lubricant, deceiving it (I think so). The tip when welding will occur automatic cleaning of the end of the tip from drops of metal. I liked in the welding machine just one control knob, graduated in mm. Thickness of welded material. Just, do not bother when setting up welding. I'm happy with the goods, I'll write off the device in work a little later.
  • 5/5